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Dietary Evolution

Dietary Evolution

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Ignite a revolution

When you choose this extraordinary program, rest assured that your meal plan remains intact while we fine-tune the ingredients to perfectly align with your unique health needs.

Our mission is simple: to enhance your well-being and transform your life for the better. Your meals may stay the same, but your health will soar to new heights.

Join us on this exhilarating journey of self-discovery and experience the power of personalised nutrition.

Embrace the power of change

When you select the 14-day plan, we'll ask you to provide a detailed diet history for 14 days with your favourite meals. The same for the 21-day plan or other days options.

By understanding your unique dietary habits, we can ensure that your meals remain consistent while we optimise them for your health with your best-loved meals.

Choose the perfect diet plan

No matter which option you choose, our exclusive Dietary Evolution are designed to empower you, working in harmony with our expert dietitians to guide you towards your health and wellness goals.

  • 7-Day: Ideal for those starting their wellness journey or looking for a short-term boost. This plan provides a solid foundation and can be followed for up to one month, offering a great introduction to healthier eating habits.

  • 14-Day: Perfect for individuals seeking a longer-term commitment to their health. Collaborate closely with our dietitian for one or two months and receive increased variety and choices compared to the 7-day plan, ensuring sustainable progress and continued motivation.

  • 21-Day: Indulge in the luxury option for optimal long-term results. This plan offers an extended duration, allowing you to fully embrace a healthier lifestyle and experience the benefits of consistent nutrition choices.

  • 28-Day: The deluxe decision for those committed to achieving long-term results. This comprehensive plan provides the ultimate support for your wellness journey, offering the highest level of guidance and structure.

    Join us at AnaskoMed Clinic, where passion meets expertise, and together, we'll redefine your relationship with food and set you on the path to lifelong well-being

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