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Complimentary Consultation

Complimentary Consultation

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Free 15-Minute Consultation with Our Dietitian!

New to AnaskoMed Clinic? Curious about the role of nutrition in your health goals? Book your complimentary 15-minute call with our expert dietitian! Get personalised advice, diet, and lifestyle recommendations. Kickstart your journey to a healthier you. Schedule now and take the first step towards your wellness goals!

Discover Your Path to Optimal Health: Schedule Your Complimentary Consultation with Our Registered Dietitian

During your 15-minute consultation, delve into the world of nutrition and its pivotal role in achieving your health aspirations. Wondering about the impact of nutrition on your specific health goals or concerns? This session serves as an opportunity for you to gain insights into how dietary choices can be aligned with your well-being objectives. Moreover, you can seek recommendations for supplements that complement your nutritional needs. 

Unsure where to start on your wellness journey? Allow us to guide you through a complimentary private online consultation, tailored to address your unique health concerns and goals. Embark on a personalised journey towards a healthier lifestyle by booking your free one-to-one appointment with our esteemed dietitian at AnaskoMed Clinic.

Why Choose AnaskoMed Clinic?

Expertise: Our dietitian and nutritionist is highly trained professional with extensive experience in helping individuals make meaningful and sustainable dietary changes.

Holistic Approach: We prioritise a holistic approach to health, considering not just your nutritional needs but also your overall lifestyle, ensuring long-term success. We combine lifestyle with medicine.

Client-Centered Care: Your well-being is our top priority. We listen attentively to your concerns and tailor our recommendations to suit your preferences and goals.


Take the first step towards a healthier you by scheduling your complimentary consultation with our skilled dietitian and nutritionist at AnaskoMed Clinic today.

 Let us empower you to make informed choices for a lifetime of wellness and vitality.

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